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Khadija Industries,
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Khadija Industries is the leading textile subsidiary of Chinoy Group of Companies. Khadija Industries was established in 1992 And has been producing high quality fashion garments for buyers for more then two decades

We have been exporting to different buyer all over the world, with particular focus on USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of the core values of Khadija Industries Since the company’s inception. Khadija Industries understands it’s responsibilities towards nature and society where we operate. We remain committed to create a green future by taking measures towards sustainability including

  1. Certified chemicals no chemicals are used through restrictive substance list. ZDSC Certified.
  2. Most of the washing in garments takes place through the laser machine and OZON wash.
  3. Old condensate lines are being changed to save water, Heat and Energy

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We have a robust system in place which helps us ensure unfaltering commitment to customer service and quality. We pride ourselves in producing and exporting high-quality denim & garments across the globe.


With decades of experience, we have developed skills and expertise which help us adhere to professionalism and deal with any project with high effectiveness and strict quality control.

Equal opportunity

We respect the environment and culture in which Khadija Industries has blossomed. By following the ethos we ensure equal opportunity employment without any discrimination of religion, gender, color & creed of an individual. We’ve workers including a large number of women and people from various backgrounds.

High Quality Product

From using high-quality fabric to investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing and finishing processes, we adhere to high quality standards and pay close attention to each stich and seam to produce an up to the mark end product.

Reliability and Trust

At Khadija Industries, we believe in honoring our word and in transparency while dealing with internal and external stake holders. We translate our word into commitment by focusing on improvement of processes and raising benchmark to deliver quality garments.

Sourcing Raw Material

For quality finished product it is paramount to have raw material which is of top notch quality. We source our raw material locally and it is of exceptional quality which gives us the edge to deliver high quality finished garments.