A message from CEO

I want to give credit of our continuous growth and international presence to a dedicated team and management’s commitment to continuous improvement and investment in people, machines and processes.

In addition it is the heritage, innovation & transformation are the values that form the ethos of Khadija Industries, which evolved from “Chinoy & Company” -established in the year 1956 in Karachi, the industrial hub of Pakistan.

We have a robust system in place which helps us ensure unfaltering commitment to customer service and quality. We pride ourselves in producing and exporting high-quality denim & garments across the globe.

Khadija Industries is committed to play a positive role towards the environment it operates in. We take sustainability and environment seriously and strive to maintain a high level of corporate responsibility. 

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to our clients who are a crucial part of Khadija Industries.

Ahsan Chinoy, CEO

What we do

Khadija industries is a leading textile entrepreneur which began as “Chinoy & Company” in 1956.  In 1992 we started full scale manufacturing of garments and since then we have been producing garments for various brands all over the world and have been and exporting to different buyers in USA and Europe.

With the passage of time we have restructured our infrastructure and with combined force of our managerial strength & skills we have now turned our facility into ultra-modern unit comprising of a 260 employees, a covered area of 55,000 (ft2) with the building of ground plus 4 levels. Every level has planned capacity of 3 lines.




Sourcing Raw Material

For quality finished product it is paramount to have raw material which is of top notch quality. 

Research & Development

We are constantly striving to design our clothes which follow new styles and trends being followed internationally.

Social responsibility

Employees are the lifeblood of Khadija Industries and we are committed to the well-being and inclusiveness of our work force.


“Khadija Industries has been serving its clients for years. We consider our clients like family and ensure we manufacture and export best quality denim products and garments to our clients across the globe. We have a list of clients spread in different continents. Our customer-focus policy is evident from the trust our clients have placed on us over the years.”